Pure'n Ezy is our new range of products which come ready to serve, for convenient and healthy eating all year round.
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Pure'n Ezy Beetroot >

100% pure NZ beetroot - delicious, nutritious and ready to eat.

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Pure'n Ezy Sweetcorn >

Hand picked, super sweet Gisborne corn - 100% grown, packaged, and shipped to you by LeaderBrand.

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Pure'n Ezy Beets in JP >



Ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere!

With no additives or artificial preservatives, this all New Zealand corn, beetroot and potato is sealed and cooked in the bag, straight from the field for maximum freshness. With a stable, 15 month shelf life, this range makes a convenient addition to any meal or salad. Great for camping, or for a quick, nutritious snack.

  • 100% grown, harvested and cooked in New Zealand
  • No refrigeration needed
  • 15 month shelf-life
  • Available year round
  • Convenient and nutritious
  • Asure Quality (NZ MAF) certified