LeaderBrand grows, harvests, packs, and delivers into store daily, ensuring you receive the freshest, tastiest, safest, salads possible.
Broccoslaw New

Broccoslaw >

Dazzle your meal with LeaderBrand's Broccoslaw!

caesar New

Caesar Salad >

LeaderBrand’s version of the classic Caesar salad, all natural sweet crunchy Cos lettuce with our special formulation parmesan cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing - a favourite with all ages!

continental New

Continental >

A light, crisp colourful salad with our world famous balsamic dressing!

Chrispy New

Crispy >

This is a true Kiwi combo – sweet crisp iceberg lettuce with carrot and red cabbage create an unbeatable combination of taste and colour.

Mesclun combined New

Mesclun >

These fresh and tender baby salad leaves create a sweet and soft textured salad full of flavour and colour!

Spinach New

Baby Spinach >

Our baby spinach is creamy, smooth, and full of vitamins!

coleslaw New

Coleslaw >

The crisp sweetness of our classic coleslaw blend with LeaderBrand's own homestyle dressing makes this a Kiwi favourite!

ranchslaw New

Ranchslaw >

Our very own chunky, farmstyle, Ranchslaw has it all - taste, colour, and crunch!

salad mix2

Salad Mix >

Our special mix of colour, taste, and texture!

Kale New

Baby Kale >

Kale is known as 'the queen of greens' because it's so good for you! This baby kale is extremely versatile - enjoy it cooked, or raw in salads and smoothies.

FP full range resizw

Fresh Plus >

Fresh Plus range, exclusive to Countdown

What makes LeaderBrand salads better?

Quality – food safety – freshness – shelf life

Quality – LeaderBrand is the grower, processor, and distributor hence our motto "from garden gate to dinner plate". We have strict quality specifications, priding ourselves on the quality of the product we produce and market under our own brand. 

Food safety –  LeaderBrand's food safety programme is accredited by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

Freshness  – LeaderBrand has located our processing facility in the midst of our growing area. We harvest from the field and transport the product directly to the processing plant, thereby ensuring the taste, nutrients and shelf life are maintained.

Shelf life – As the grower, packer, and distributor our entire focus is on delivering the best eating experience possible to our customers.

We ensure the shelf life of our salads by:

  • growing the right lettuce
  • harvesting at optimum maturity
  • post harvest cooling to extend natural life of lettuce
  • maintaining the "cool chain" from post harvest through cutting, bagging and delivery
  • the bag used to hold our salads has been specially designed to allow your salad to breathe therefore maintaining its vitality and nutritional value

Ensuring the highest standard in these areas make LeaderBrand salads better because they improve the overall eating experience for you, our customer.