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Coleslaw Stuffed Kulcha (flatbread)


To begin making the Coleslaw Kulcha first mix together semolina and yoghurt and set aside for ten minutes, in a large mixing bowl. Once the semolina has soaked in the yoghurt, add in the flour, oil, baking soda, sugar and salt and knead together. The dough should be firm and hold together, but smooth and stretchy to touch. Cover the dough with a lid and pop it in the refrigerator for two hours to leaven. Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing. Place a pan on the heat with oil. Add the chopped onions to it and saute along with the chilli until the onions are softened and translucent. Add the garlic and stir until fragrant. Add the Coleslaw and peas and sprinkle the turmeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala and salt. Cook for five to seven minutes until the vegetables are cooked through and switch off the heat. Portion out the dough into golf ball shaped pieces. Roll out each ball into a small circle about 7-8cm diameter. Take the rolled circle in your palm, place a spoonful of the Coleslaw filling in the centre, while cupping it in your palm. Bring all the edges of the circle together to seal the filling inside, pressing to make sure there are no air pockets. Gently press the stuffed ball out once again slightly to form a thick disc. Next, sprinkle water on the kulcha and press down gently so it sticks. Place the kulcha on the pan and cook until bubbles begin to appear on the surface. Apply a little oil on the top and flip the kulcha over to brown the other side. Repeat, applying oil and cooking until the dough is cooked through and evenly golden. Serve hot with rice and spinach curry for dinner or on their own as a snack.

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